PRAB Hosts Technical Wastewater Treatment Seminar at IMTS in Chicago, IL

September 2014 – The IMTS show held September 2014 featured hundreds of exhibitors and tens of thousands of attends from all metalworking industry sectors. PRAB hosted a series of technical discussions at the show that provided attendees with insights into the new modular chip processing technology, ways to automate coolant management and recycle, and technologies available for a full spectrum of wastewater treatment.
The wastewater treatment discussion centered on the importance of treating, recycling, and reusing wastewater to achieve;

  • Improved regulatory compliance
  • Reduced liability, insurance, and non-compliance costs
  • Increased competitive advantage
  • Enhanced operational decisions
  • Improved working environment and employee morale

Attendees listened and offered examples of the wastewater challenges in their facilities as Andrew Flowers, chemical engineer and business development manager for PRAB, explained how effective wastewater treatment can Increase operational profitability through;

  • Reduced energy and water usage
  • Less waste generation and emissions
  • Fewer raw material inputs
  • Reduced sludge generation and shipment

The wastewater treatment technical seminar then explained to attendees the different technology options for achieving chemical free wastewater treatment across the full filtration spectrum. Mr Flowers explained to listeners that the most comprehensive wastewater treatment technology on the market today is vacuum evaporation. This technology, which has been used for many years though out Europe, offers a system that operates at low temperature and low energy consumption while offering zero air emissions and zero liquid discharge (ZLD).