The Industry Leader in Dip Spin Equipment Offers Wastewater Treatment Systems for the Surface Treatment Industry

Kalamazoo, MI — STC Dip Spin, a leader in the design and manufacture of dip spin coating equipment expands its offering to include wastewater consultation and equipment through a partnership with PRAB. The equipment functions mechanically using membrane and vacuum distillation technology, offering chemical-free filtration for recycle and reuse of wastewater. Reducing waste from surface finishing and other common surface treatment applications helps cut operating costs and mitigates risk of environmental hazards. STC Dip Spin and PRAB, Inc. are sister companies as part of the KMC Global group; STC has more than 50 years’ experience in surface treatment applications. PRAB has served metalworking industries for chip and fluid management and wastewater treatment for more than 65 years. Together these companies deliver the industry’s best in surface coating and wastewater recycle and reuse equipment and systems.

“The surface finishing industry has struggled to find solutions to wastewater issues because few companies offer a full spectrum of wastewater treatment equipment. This means, to achieve the required level of filtration without chemicals, the surface finisher/coating company must work with multiple manufacturers and with multiple pieces of equipment to achieve compliant filtration results. This situation is almost never ideal because each piece of equipment must work seamlessly as part of a complete system. Unless all parties are working synergistically and all components are tested together, the surface finisher/coating company is left to make all components operate as a system,” states Pat Burgio, STC Dip Spin Sales Manager.

To help the surface treatment industry achieve regulatory compliance while improving cost structures through recycle and reuse, STC works with PRAB to provide a tailored offering from a full line of wastewater treatment equipment. “Our partnership with PRAB combines the industry experience of Dip Spin with the industrial wastewater treatment knowledge of PRAB to offer equipment for recycle and reuse of water and reclamation of solids that are tailored for each application,” notes Burgio.

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About STC Dip Spin

Since 1965 STC Dip Spin has designed and built custom basket centrifugal coating equipment. The equipment provides high throughput with minimal floor space requirements, consistent coating with gentle parts handling, a tilt tumble process that reduces head fill and thread fill, stay full temperature control, and many other features unique to STC equipment provide tight tolerance output. Tiered suppliers serving industry OEM’s in aerospace, automotive, defense, and transportation rely on STC to deliver the best equipment so they can deliver precise results.

About PRAB

PRAB is a leading manufacturer of engineered conveyors, chip and fluid management, and wastewater systems. Its customized solutions automate metal handling, reduce labor costs, reclaim and recycle expensive cutting fluids, and maximize return on recycling metals. Engineering expertise is honed by thousands of installations for the world’s leading OEMs and suppliers, PRAB continuously improves material handling, housekeeping and compliance to environmental rules and regulations within the automotive, aerospace, medical, electronics, defense, and energy markets. For more information about PRAB visit

PRAB Hosts Industrial Wastewater Treatment Webinar

PRAB hosts a free educational webinar:

Cost Reduction, Waste Minimalization & Environmental Compliance through Full Spectrum Industrial Wastewater Recycling and Reuse

Thursday February 26th, 2015 2:00pm Eastern Time

Due to overwhelming demand, we have decided to hold a second discussion!

Dirty wastewater before and after ultrafiltration.

You Will Learn:

  • Cost Reduction – Systematic Approach to Identify Viable Opportunities for Wastewater Recycling and Reuse
  • Meet Changing Regulations – How Membrane and Vacuum Evaporation Technologies Can Recover Your Toughest Wastewater for Reuse and Comply with Regulations

This discussion will be lead by Andrew Flowers. Andrew has a Bachelor of Science degree in Chemical & Petroleum Engineering from the University of Pittsburgh, with focus in polymer engineering and biochemical engineering. He is a member of the American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AIChE) and the Project Management Institute (PMI). Andrew has extensive field experience in engineered systems for complex industrial wastewater treatment applications, working in steel mills, refineries, chemical plants, metalworking, and surface treatment facilities.

PRAB Hosts Technical Wastewater Treatment Seminar at IMTS in Chicago, IL

September 2014 – The IMTS show held September 2014 featured hundreds of exhibitors and tens of thousands of attends from all metalworking industry sectors. PRAB hosted a series of technical discussions at the show that provided attendees with insights into the new modular chip processing technology, ways to automate coolant management and recycle, and technologies available for a full spectrum of wastewater treatment.
The wastewater treatment discussion centered on the importance of treating, recycling, and reusing wastewater to achieve;

  • Improved regulatory compliance
  • Reduced liability, insurance, and non-compliance costs
  • Increased competitive advantage
  • Enhanced operational decisions
  • Improved working environment and employee morale

Attendees listened and offered examples of the wastewater challenges in their facilities as Andrew Flowers, chemical engineer and business development manager for PRAB, explained how effective wastewater treatment can Increase operational profitability through;

  • Reduced energy and water usage
  • Less waste generation and emissions
  • Fewer raw material inputs
  • Reduced sludge generation and shipment

The wastewater treatment technical seminar then explained to attendees the different technology options for achieving chemical free wastewater treatment across the full filtration spectrum. Mr Flowers explained to listeners that the most comprehensive wastewater treatment technology on the market today is vacuum evaporation. This technology, which has been used for many years though out Europe, offers a system that operates at low temperature and low energy consumption while offering zero air emissions and zero liquid discharge (ZLD).