About Us

PRAB is dedicated to providing our industrial customers a full spectrum of chip processing, fluid recovery and reuse, and wastewater treatment equipment. Industrial water use has become more important to manage proactively as costs continue to rise, municipalities continue to require tighter tolerances, and the EPA continues to levy fines for unsafe haul-away of contaminated wastewater. We recognize the growing need for wastewater recycle and reuse and have created a dedicated division within PRAB to provide resources, technical support, and equipment to help industrial metalworking and surface treatment manufacturers achieve their wastewater management goals.

Our team has a chemical engineering foundation coupled with decades of industry experience and the broadest line of wastewater treatment equipment in the industry. Whatever your process, we have the right technology to help you filter, pre-treat, membrane filter, and distill to the required level of purity. Our equipment line is designed to span the filtration spectrum to offer you the best wastewater treatment system for your concentration levels.

Contact us today and see how we can help you effectively improve your operations through comprehensive wastewater management.

Meet the Team

We are a team of dedicated professionals, ready to do what ever it takes to make your business grow

Tim Hanna
Tim Hanna
Managing Director
P: 269-569-8150
E: thanna@prab.com
Kevin Oldeberg
Kevin Oldenberg
Regional Manager
P: 269-569-8149
E: koldenberg@prab.com
Sara DeYoung
Sara DeYoung
Customer Service
P: 800-493-3462
E: sarad@prab.com
Tom Tripepi
Tom Tripepi
Technical Specialist
P: 440-336-4570
E: ttripepi@prab.com
Patrick Burgio
Patrick Burgio
Regional Sales Manager
P: 269-569-7330
E: pburgio@prab.com